ME 270

Purdue ME 270 Practice Exams. Please shoot us an email at for us to update more recent exams that you might have or have taken. Solution keys are preferred but not necessary. Scanned copies will have your name blotted out. No need to have 100% grades we are just interested in letting students practice and would encourage them to seek out their TA’s and Professors for more detailed explanations if needed.

Spread the word and please contribute. Only you can make this happen.

These exams are in no way comprehensive in coverage of topics and are not intended to give any indication of exams to be conducted in the current semester.

Exam 1:

ME270_E1_FA2004                           ME270_E1_FA2004_sol





ME270_E1_FA2008                            ME270_E1_FA2008_sol

ME270_E1_FA2009                            ME270_E1_FA2009_sol












ME270_E1_ReviewProblems          ME270_E1_ReviewProblems_sol

Exam 2:

ME270_E2_FA2004                           ME270_E2_FA2004_sol


ME270_E2_FA2005                           ME270_E2_FA2005_sol




ME270_E2_FA2010                           ME270_E2_FA2010_sol













Exam 3:













ME270_FN_SP2013                           ME270_FN_SP2013_ans

ME270_FN_SU2013                          ME270_FN_SU2013_ans

ME270_FN_FA2013                           ME270_FN_FA2013_ans





ME270_FN_FA2015_sample         ME270_FN_FA2015_sample_ans

ME270_FN_FA2015_sample3       ME270_FN_FA2015_sample3_ans



2 Responses to ME 270

  1. Prof. Jim Jones says:

    Dear Sir:

    It has recently come to my attention that you are posting complete solutions to our Purdue ME 270 exams. In ME 270 we go to great lengths to provide a number of old exams for students to practice with. We make available a copy of the exam and on the last page, listing of all of the final answers (not the fully completed solutions). We do this to encourage students to practice their skills by working out the solutions for themselves. The final answers are provided so students will know when they have arrived at a correct solution. Also, when their solutions differs from the one provided, they will know that they have an error so they can go back and ascertain the mistake. By providing the complete solutions to our exams, you are undermining everything we are trying to accomplish. Our goal is to motivate students to work on their skills by practicing them on past exams and even using some exams to judge if they can complete the exam in the allotted time.

    Just providing completed solutions to students gives them a false sense of confidence and it rewards students who aren’t willing to put the time and effort to complete the solutions for themselves. This is counter to what we are trying to accomplish. If you really want to help students, encourage them to put in the sweat equity to solve the exams for themselves and seek assistance if they get stuck. This will truly help them learn the concepts.

    Also, you need to understand that the exams faculty write are the intellectual property of the faculty, especially ones that have a complete solution provided. As such it is not appropriate to sell or otherwise make available a solved exam without the written permission of the faculty.

    In summary, I ask that your please remove the ME 270 exams from your site and show some respect for the faculty who make this institution truly great.

    If you have questions or concerns or would like to discuss this issue further, please let me know.

    Prof. Jones
    James D. Jones
    Associate Professor and Associate Head
    585 Purdue Mall
    School of Mechanical Engineering (Rm 2200)
    West Lafayette, IN 47907-2088
    Ph: (765)494-5691
    Fax: (765)494-0539
    ME UG Blog:
    ME UG Homepage:

    myStrengths: Consistency | Relator | Learner | Connectedness | Maximizer
    Do you know your Strengths?

    • Professor Jones,
      First of all I highly respect all your doing for this course and elsewhere in the ME department. I completely understand the concern about students improperly using this resource and I am certain as the instructor of this course you are more in touch with what is going on than myself. Here I hope to say that weeklyjoys doesn’t pretend to be a perfect organization but it provides more good than bad.
      Firstly, I can personally attest that a solution to an exam, when used properly, is way more helpful for fixing learning deficiencies than an answer key. The key benefit of a solution is that it lets you practice and then confirm “why” you went wrong. Simple answer keys only tell you that you “are” wrong and make it much more difficult to figure out what you need to re-learn. (If you somehow missed the key concept in lecture you won’t even know where to look to get help) The immediate feedback provided by a solution key provides a much faster and more reliable way to learn missed material. (given our solutions are accurate which I admit is one of the most dangerous aspects of weeklyjoys) As for the resources you’re providing. Those are terrific resources but some students don’t like to seek peer assistance or are working late at night. Further, I personally learn substantially more if I figure out the concept myself than having it explained to me. In order to reverse engineer a solution manual, you still have to put in that sweat equity too. I personally believe reversing a solution is substantially more difficult than asking a T.A. and is, depending on the quality of the solution much faster. Some errors just don’t need a TA. To go to a TA and spend 30 min finding an arithmetic error that the solution would have shown is silly. Leave the TA’s for the real core misunderstandings that you find when you aren’t able to reverse engineer the solution.
      That said, your main concern from how I understood it is student misusing these exams. I don’t doubt this happens but the philosophy of weeklyjoys isn’t about making a whole new system available, its about making that system available to students without cost of society membership. Weeklyjoys going away just makes it harder for some students to get these resources but it doesn’t in anyway remove it for all. If there is any inherent benefit to these exams as I claim there are, the removal of these exam is systematically undermining just the students not otherwise affiliated. Further, students are going to be forced to learn good study habits if they want to survive ME. Us removing the solutions won’t solve students’ poor behavior, it will just (at best) delay it until the next semester. Having taken a good deal of the undergraduate curriculum, I can say solution manuals were essential to my success both in this department and others. Many professors utilize them even at the graduate level because of their usefulness to students that use them responsibly.
      As I started I am saddened to ever be told I’m working against a professor I respect so highly. I absolutely welcome your further comment and hope that somehow a compromise can be reached to serve both interests fully.

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