Pay it Forward: Help Needed!

Graduation for some of our Purdue Seniors are quickly approaching. Some, will depart from our ME home on December and other will depart at the end of the following Spring.

Soon too will this site be lost without your help. To the Sophomores, Juniors, and people who will remain this site needs new webmasters. We will no longer be able to provide you with the latest exams for free as the current team is about to graduate. With your help we can continue to “Pay it Forward” and share this incredible resource with future students and our peers.

Weeklyjoys started when a small group of ME students decided that there SHOULD NOT be any financial or social obligations in order for students to get an upper hand on taking exams. Purdue ME is difficult and expensive enough  without having to buy exams or join societies to use their data bases. In order to even out the playing field and truly share knowledge at an academic institution, weeklyjoys was created from a collection of previous exams from students. Weeklyjoys quickly generated a database of over 318 past exams! With your help we hope to see those numbers grow with time and provide a rich resource of academic practices modeled off of ME 370 and ME 274 class blogs.

Commitments to this site is small. Less than a 5 hours per month but the more you put into anything, the more you get out of it. On average, if you have additional members help out it will take even less time to upload newer files.
Please email to learn more or if you’re interested in becoming the new web masters to this resource.

Be the change you wish you see in the world and I hope to hear from our future webmasters soon.


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