PHYS 241

Purdue PHYS 241 Practice Exams. Please shoot us an email at for us to update more recent exams that you might have or have taken. Solution keys are preferred but not necessary. Scanned copies will have your name blotted out. No need to have 100% grades we are just interested in letting students practice and would encourage them to seek out their TA’s and Professors for more detailed explanations if needed.

Spread the word and please contribute. Only you can make this happen.

These exams are in no way comprehensive in coverage of topics and are not intended to give any indication of exams to be conducted in the current semester.

Exam 1:



Exam 2:








Go to the following link for all your older Physics 241 Exams:


3 Responses to PHYS 241

  1. Exam 1 from Fall 2012 has incorrect answers. Please mention that, as it is highly deceiving.

    • 2spoopy4bd says:

      Hello Ujjwal,

      I understand your concern but our test naming scheme is set up so that at a quick glance you can tell whether the answers are correct or not. When you get a test with no “_sol” ending, then treat it as such. We uploaded the test because a student submitted it so you can look at the questions. It would take far too much time to have to edit the incorrect answers / work out with photoshop.

    • cannon0275 says:

      Hi Ujjwal,

      I think your comments alone is already a great way to tell students who may be looking at this exam that one of the prescribed solutions may be incorrect. I think if students like yourself comment on any issues they find on the uploads that should more than suffice in providing a warning to others. WeeklyJoys has always been a group effort from the students of Purdue, only with your help can the site prosper.

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